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Frequently asked questions

What should I wear? We recommend light cotton clothes. It is important to wear shoes that are possible to “close” by the foot. Please do not wear flip-flop sandals. If you are not wearing any of our helmets you should have something on your head. Beach attire is not permitted.

Isn’t it too hot to cycle in Bangkok? Thailand is situated in the tropical zone and it can be really hot. But you will be surprised that it is not hot to cycle. You always get a nice breeze from the speed, when biking.< It is a lot warmer to walk than cycle.

Is it dangerous? All our tours are planned to minimize the exposure to the traffic. Most of the routes we are using have no traffic at all. And if so we use the pavement. Of course it is important to keep the focus when cycling and respect the signs and instructions from our guides.

Is it a physical test to participate in your tours? Not really. Generally our tours are planned to suite anyone. But if you never bike at home you might get tired and feel it is a bit tricky. Luckily, Bangkok is flat, so we will not climb any hills.

Is it necessary to book in advance? Yes it is. You should book at least two days before you want to go. But if you need to be sure there is a place for you it is better to book well in advance, to avoid disappointments.

Is it possible to use camera or video during the tour? Of course. When we are biking you should keep your hands at the bar, but we will have several stops and give you many chances to take photos.

Are there any mosquitoes or other unpleasant animals? In Bangkok we have mosquitoes, but they usually appear along with the darkness. In Thailand there are a lot of different animals, but no one that will make the tour unpleasant for you.

What kind of bikes are we using? We use modern city-bikes. Hand breaks only, no coaster breaks. 

If it starts raining……? Rain is rare in Bangkok. It is actually hard to find a better place for biking according to the weather. Anyway, if it is raining heavily, we have a break and wait. Usually it stops after 20 minutes. So far we had only five trips in fifteen years been cancelled because of rain. Even if it is raining, please come to our office where decision is made of any delayed start.

Size of the group? Minimum 2 people, maximum 10.

What language is the guide speaking? We always have a guide talking English. Scandinavian and French languages are options on demand.

Is it possible to bring my bag? Yes, but try to limit your things. It is possible to store your things at our office.


Safety is of course a priority in this business. Not everybody dare, not everybody want to but almost everybody can participate. Our guides take responsibility that the group is traveling the safest way. 95 % of the time we are biking in streets, paths, pavements where cars do not exist. If you are capable of keeping the balance it should not be any problem for you. If you want to wear a biking helmet, we will provide one for you. We allow children to bike with us, but recommend children to be at least 10 years old to cycle by their own. Younger kids can follow from the back-seat or a special safety seat for small children. 

At first, to bicycle in Bangkok seems to be something like a mission impossible?, but everyone traveling with us will be surprised how smooth and easy it really is. Bangkok is flat like a pancake and the pace and distance will never break you down. We provide drinking water and soft drinks to keep the hydration in shape. None alcoholic drinks will be served though for safety reasons. We will travel at a relaxed tempo and have plenty of stops. The heat is usually not a problem when you are biking, thanks to the wind you create by cycling. 

We use simple but functional city-bikes, for which you can adjust the saddle suitable for your height. We check the bikes daily before using them, which guarantees full functionality. In case of, for example, a flat tire, we have spare parts to solve these kinds of problems along the way. The Bangkok By Night trip require special safety gear, like vests, helmets and lights for everyone. Bangkok By Bike will arrange an accident insurance for all the customers that deliver required details.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to give all our travelers an exciting and memorable experience We want to give all our customers an insight and understanding for Thai culture as a way of living We want to protect the local community we cycle through, we travel in small groups and in a way that won’t affect the local people in a bad way.


Bangkok By Bike is a Thai-Scandinavian company in Thailand specialized to give travelers in all different ages a real experience of Bangkok. It started back in 2004, at the beginning as a Danish project. Meanwhile the Dane got some help from a Swedish friend. As members of Thai Bicycling Club they started to find nice routes. After a while they started thinking of letting tourists come along on a professional tour and Arne Wilhelmson founded the company in 2006 together with his wife. 


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