Cycle in Bangkok – get back by long-tail-boat

Bangkok By Bike offers travelers an unusual, exciting experience in one of the most interesting cities in the world. The absolute best way to travel, if you want to come close to the culture, people and have enough time to see the daily life inThailand, is by bike. Being a tourist inBangkokis usually a confusing experience. Streets and places crowded with people and cars everywhere, makes it difficult to find the place you want to go and the places you haven’t discovered yet. Many people want to help you, some are friendly but some might take advantage of your lack of experience, which make it even more difficult.

A trip with Bangkok By Bike will not concentrate on the famous attractions, but discoveries of places and phenomenon ordinary tourists rarely will come close to. We will take you behind the curtain, through narrow alleys and out to the green gardens. We travel through genuine Thai districts and you will be able to see, from short distances, the way of life for different classes in Thai society. Despite awkward conditions, tourists are usually very well treated and we can meet smiling faces and friendly greetings along the way. There will be several occasions for using your camera and videos.

By using an ordinary bicycle we offer you a guided tour in some of the most interesting parts ofBangkok. The traffic in Bangkok is notorious and many wonder if it is possible at all to ride a bike in this mess. The fact is there are a lot of alleys with hardly ant traffic and our skillful guides will bring you through these alleys, markets and along the canals out to surroundings which are more like a jungle. Under cover of palm trees and banana leafs we will get the taste of pure nature, far away from the rush in the city.

At the end of our trips we will load the bicycles on a long-tail-boat and travel back on the canals. We will then discoverBangkokfrom the water, which is a necessity for many tourists.