It is fairly easy to find our office, though it is not located in areas where tourists usually visit. Taxi is the fastest and easiest way to get here. Taxi is not expensive and usually works fine. Order the taxi to go opposite side of Pata Department store, western side of the river, close by Phra Pin Klao Bridge. You can see the sign of our company clearly from the big street, but enter the sidestreet soi 17 about 30 meters. Take a look at the map below. If you go by taxi, make sure the driver put on the meter. If you make up a fixed price it will be more expensive. Usually the drivers know where the Phra Pin Klao Bridge is or Pata department store, and just tell him you want to get off opposite side of Pata. Use the address in Thai below, for your driver.

Please avoid tuk-tuk – you just easily get into problems by using them.

As an alternative you can go by ferry (Chao Phraya Expressboat), depending where you come from. In that case get on the yellow or orange line and get off at pier number 12, Phra Pin Klao. From pier 12, walk left under the big bridge and follow the street straight up away from the river about 1 km. Pass one large crossing with traffic lights, then turn left when you get to sidestreet soi 17. You can see our signs clearly entering the soi. Take a look at the map beow.

From Banglamphoo or Khao San Road-district: Walk to the river close to the tourist office. Take the ferry crossing the river, from the pier under the bridge on the right hand side. On the other side  of the river, walk straight as described above Show Bangkok By Bike on a larger map